Recently I came across the ‘Timeless Watch” by Rogan.

Made in NYC, the wrist candy repurposes old watch pieces, making each one both unique and a chic example of upcycling.

But the best part of this accessory, its “timeless” empty face, not only neatly dismisses the modern anxieties of analogue-vs.-digital and how to convey the appropriate importance without looking too flashy, but in the process also cleverly comments on the whole convention of keeping time at all.

This watch reminded me of a conversation I had with my cousin not too long ago. He told me he didnt need watches because he always used his phone as a clock instead. This watch practically plays on that concept. Watches these days seem to be more of a fashion accessory as opposed to a means of keeping time.

I liked the concept so much, I ‘re-purposed’ an old leather strapped watch from an OP shop and made my own Timesless watch.


On a side note, I found a brilliant little comic to illustrate my point:

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There, I Fixed It.

As I always say: “If you can’t make it work, make what can work, work.”

That’s deep. You might want to write that down, it could change your life.

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Similarity: Sometimes, it’s just best not done.

Yes it’s been awhile since I last posted anything. But here’s a little something to kick things off again.



In Design, the simplified version of the term refers to the product’s aesthetic affecting the way the user perceives its use.

So last year I was sitting at a restaurant with the family admiring a fairly cool water jug design. It holds a fair amount of water, has a nice shape, overall quite a pleasing design.

Well that was until I walked past one of these a couple of days ago:

Pictured above is a chewing gum disposal unit. Pull one of these off a bin, place it on a restaurant table with water in it and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

Sometimes, when designing a product, I think it best to take a massive step back, pull yourself out of the equation and just honestly ask yourself: “What does this look like?”

Better yet, ask someone non-design related, their answer just might surprise you.

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The woonBOX

It’s been awhile since my last post. But this is blog worthy. A couple of days ago, my friend Kate linked me up.

I present to you the WoonBox. Designed by Dutch designers Arthur Rottier and Peter Jongman.

Designed to be a 3-in-1 portable home solution. It has a kitchen area, toilet and shower.

Time to collect Royalties for using my name in their design. Haha

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Late Again?

Subtly drop the hint with this nifty wall clock. The perfect gift for that friend of yours that’s always late.

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Anti-Theft: Hidden Wall Socket Safe

Safe boxes tend to be on the pricey side, so here’s a cheap alternative for storing little pieces of jewelry and money. It only costs $7.99. Nifty little idea.

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Need A Chair? Here’s Three.

KX – Extendible Chair by Baita Design.

Quite an interesting concept but it probably won’t be the most aesthetically pleasing chair around if only one or two are in use, I’d say it only looks good when it is fully extended, but still, an interesting concept nonthelesss

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